Hi I’m Osledy Bazó, Lead Developer at Hakkasan Group, I love working with Ruby/Rails and ReactJS/ React Native. In the past I have been involved in building projects related to ticketing systems, urban transportation, QR code generation and scanning, Boat sensors, and all kinds of applications…


Lead Developer - Hakkasan Group - Remote

2012 - Present
Add, Deploy and Maintain features to a series of websites that are part of the Hakkasan Group, that is a global hospitality company committed to creating world-class experiences through excellence in service, design, and innovation. We work with Docker, Angular, Rails, Chef, Git, TDD, etc

Senior Software Engineer - Bouncing Shield - Remote

2008 - Present
Work with Ruby/Rails and new tech stack

Web Developer - Bakedweb - Remote

2012 - 2014
During my time at Bakedweb, I mainly worked with ruby and rails apps: Shopify sites, Refinery cms, Radiant cms, custom build apps with Padrino and Sinatra. I helped to develop and maintain tiesto.com website, todobebe.com and a lot of small websites/landing pages for selling vacation packages.

Recent Work


iOS and Android mobile applications


Corporate Web


iOS and Android mobile applications


iOS and Android mobile applications


iOS and Android mobile applications


Web E-commerce

Get In Touch

Email: osledybazo@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/osledy-bazo
Github: https://github.com/uokesita
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@uokesita
Phone: +34665239201